How We Can Help You

  • Executive coaching
  • Customized workshops and licensed programs
  • Keynotes and Tailored Presentations

In general, Bright Enterprises is best known for helping executives and managers at all levels to learn and use skills that accomplish specific goals and desired end-results. We work one-on-one with individuals such as CEO's, executive, managers, sales professionals, and athletes who have the potential of delivering exceptional performance in their jobs. We specialize in working with large organizations, small companies, and family owned businesses. In a nutshell, we help individuals and teams perform at their very best regardless of conditions and circumstances.

Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching 

As a former nationally ranked athlete and Olympic Qualifier in platform and springboard diving, Deb knows what it is like being coached by the best coaches in the world. Building from her unique sports and business experiences, Deb spends a great deal of time coaching executives, professional athletes, and others who have intense performance demands. The performance-related topics she addresses range from big picture items that involve handling organizational changes and the implementation of strategic plans to more micro issues that revolve around personal growth and the ability to handle pressure.


Customized Workshops and Licensed programsCustomized Workshops

As president of Bright Enterprises, Dr. Deborah Bright personally creates custom and licensed programs for each of her clients. She has yet to find two clients who have identical needs. Each requires special treatment.

Our clients like the fact that besides originating all the material being presented and having had books published on the subjects, we aim to take "soft performance-related issues" and present them in "hard", practical, and immediately implementable ways. Our clients would tell you that leaders can readily see the value of the skills being presented, and quickly become anxious to use them productively.

Keynotes and Tailored PresentationsKeynotes and Tailored Presentations 

Dr. Bright frequently appears as the keynote speaker at national conferences and meetings of business executives sponsored by World Business Council, the Young Presidents Organization, Meeting Professionals International, NBAA, and CPCU. Deb has worked with the Washington Speaker Bureau, the Goodman Speaker Bureau, and The Speaker Agency.

As you can see, we work in a variety of ways to service our clients. Staying flexible, customizing our work, and listening carefully are important ingredients that have contributed to the successful relationships we have developed with our clients over the years.



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