Deb's Gems for Enhancing Performance

Dr. Deb Bright has published 6 books including the most recent, The Truth Doesn't Have to Hurt: How to Use Criticism to Strengthen Relationships, Improve Performance, and Promote Change in 2014. In addition she created a relaxation technique perfect for recharging in a stressfull environment. The most current books are available on Amazon for purchase. Her creative relaxation CD is available for purchase on CDBaby.


"The Truth Doesn?t Have to Hurt: How to Use Criticism to Strengthen Relationships, Improve Performance, and Promote Change (AMACOM) "

Nobody likes criticism. Handled poorly, it too often stings and breeds resentment--and most of us try to avoid it at all costs.

But criticism--crafted carefully and communicated skillfully--promotes trust and respect, motivates individuals, and serves as a catalyst for change. It has the ability to turbocharge workplaces and careers. If that sounds far-fetched, it's because few understand how to properly give and receive the kind of critical feedback that brings positive results. "The Truth Doesn't Have to Hurt" rejuvenates this powerful but neglected art form. Executives, managers, team leaders ? anyone who needs to temper praise with a dose of reality ? will learn to:

  • Deliver the truth and have it taken as helpful
  • Create an atmosphere of acceptance
  • Avoid mistakes that sabotage an exchange
  • Receivers utilize their control in order to benefit from the criticism ? even if it's badly presented

Ignoring problems or always saying nice things will only maintain the status quo. This research-backed book delivers proven techniques and tools for motivating people and triggering improvement ? swiftly and painlessly.


"On the Edge and In Control (McGraw-Hill)"

Getting out of bed in the morning feels like stepping onto a racetrack. So much has changed?especially at work. Where are the secretaries? Typewriters are a thing of the past. Communicating with others isn?t so simple anymore. And when does work end, anyway?

Not only do we feel overwhelmed because of so many changes, there is also too much to do each day. It?s almost as if our lives are spinning out of control. We also feel confused because the assumptions and skills we relied on in the past seem ill suited for today?s heightened performance demands. On the Edge and In Control addresses these concerns and, more importantly, equips the reader to regain control. Using a new language, new skills, and a new attitude set, readers learn how to go beyond accomplishing to achieve, and in the process realize a high degree of personal satisfaction in both their personal and professional lives.

On the Edge and In Control teaches managers to articulate succinctly what they haven?t been able to in a way that is meaningful to their employees. It provides terminology and concepts compatible with today?s fiercely competitive business environment, where handholding is a thing of the past. For employees, On the Edge and In Control offers a system for looking to oneself to create a personal revolution against mediocrity.


"Gearing up for the Fast Lane: New Tools for Management (Random House)"

(Limited Supply Available)

Many leadership books fall short of providing the reader with a vision of how organizations operate, and the kinds of leadership tools compatible with those business environments. Gearing up for the Fast Lane equips managers with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of today's changing, fiercely competitive business arena by focusing on 16 unique leadership tools. The book also highlights findings from a national study of organizations developing or using technology to gain the competitive edge. Gearing up for the Fast Lane is an easy-to-read book that demonstrates the quickest way to increase productivity, profits, and job satisfaction.




Creative Relazation: Personal Quiet Time"Creative Relaxation: Personal Quiet Time Sunset At Sea"

Creative Relaxation is a personalized approach to coping with the stresses of everyday living. Mastery of the technique will enable you to use it in the ways and at the times and places most suited to your particular needs.

Dr. Deborah Bright, owner and founder of Bright Enterprises, Inc. guides you through a relaxing experience that allows you to restore your body?s energies that have been drained by all of the daily pressures and come away feeling refreshed and alert. Many people have learned to associate the ?Personal Quiet Time Experience? as a kind of mental as well as physical reset that allows you to calmly restore your energy reserves.

George Nardo, Owner of Luna Recording Studio describes the album as having "Tools to relax, sounds like there's work involved - not here. Dr. Deborah Bright takes you to a place where relaxation and quiet time are equivalent to that wondrous and energizing feeling one has when returning from an ideal get-away vacation. Only when returning to the day?s routine you?re feeling refreshed and energized?.