Pertinent Articles for Managers of All Levels

Dr. Deb Bright not only helps executives and their management teams to perform at their best, she frequently publishes articles and books in her various areas of expertise. Below are but a few of the articles she has written. We hope that they might help you perform at your best.

How to Deliver Criticism So Employees Pay Attention  - 
Harvard Business Review website, January 17, 2017

"Engage the person in a specific solution, link the criticism to what’s most important to the employee, keep your voice and body language neutral, and heed individual preferences " By Deborah Bright

Training Combined with Coaching can make a Significant Difference in Job Performance and Satisfaction-
Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, January 31, 2012

?The Strategies for Enhancing Performance Initiative introduces a more simplified usage of coaching and one that has potential to address a much larger audience?. By Deborah Bright and Anita Crockett

Stressed out! Strategies for Enhancing Performance-
Nursing Management, October 2011

"Administrators and higher level management may be assuming incorrectly that nurses are equipped with a repertoire of skills that are effective for managing themselves and interacting with others". By Deborah Bright and Anita Crockett

Stress Free Golf  - 
Golf For Women, February 2002

"Conquer performance fears by seeing the big picture perspective - then follow through by building confidence from within." By Deborah Bright

Radio Interviews and Webinars

How to give and receive criticism
Australian Broadcasting Corporation website, February 2017

"If done poorly, criticism can have terrible and long lasting consequences. It’s something managers, especially, should be good at - but are they and how can they improve?" By Deborah Bright


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