About Us

History of Bright Enterprises

Bright Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1975 by Dr. Deborah Bright, is no newcomer to the world of training and education. The main office is currently located in Tucson, Arizona. However, Bright Enterprises was previously headquartered in New York City for over 20 years. Throughout its tenure, Bright Enterprises has and continues to enjoy servicing clients who are among the finest companies and organizations in the world, including: Morgan Stanley, the New York Stock Exchange, Pfizer, the Professional Golfers Association, General Electric, and Raytheon - just to name a few in a long list of prestigious and highly diversified clients.

What We Do

Dr. Bright has developed well-publicized technologies for enhancing personal and team skills in areas of communication, leadership, stress control, and job enhancement. The communication and leadership skills she has designed, especially in the areas of feedback and coaching, have led to building numerous licensed programs, workshops and presentations for a wide variety of industries, from Wall Street financial institutions to main street family businesses.

In the area of stress management, Dr. Bright has built a national reputation in the subject as a best-selling author of Creative Relaxation: Turning Your Stress into Positive Energy. One of the techniques she developed, Quick Charges, is extremely useful and practical for employees, managers, and people at all levels. Quick Chargers are skills that can be used instantly in situations for greater self-control without detection by others. Whether a professional athlete competing in a major sporting event or a professional manager or salesperson in business trying to attract a potential new customer, everyone can benefit from having Quick Charges at their disposal to help them perform at their best. 

Clients are also attracted to Bright Enterprises because the services provided are all tailored to meet the customer's immediate, as well as longer-term, needs. Time and energy are always invested when working closely with customers to ensure that positive results are achieved. Besides priding itself on delivering content that is "as good as the best and better than all the rest," Bright Enterprises employees are dedicated to being an asset to the clients they serve. 

Bright Enterprises specializes in management and leadership development, communication skills, stress management, handling change, and teamwork. The educational services Bright Enterprises provides include: workshops, seminars, licensed programs, and keynote presentations. To learn more about our services please see the Services Page. All service material was developed by Dr. Deb Bright, see the About Deb Page to learn more about her.