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Personal Development

Using Helpful Criticism to Improve Performance, Promote Change, and Strengthen Relationships

Criticism is a powerful (and virtually untapped) form of communication. Yet very few programs designed to enhance performance in the business world address the art of giving and receiving criticism, and those that do often overlook many of the crucial aspects that Dr. Deborah Bright highlights in The Truth Doesn?t Have to Hurt: How to Use Criticism to Strengthen Relationships, Improve Performance, and Promote Change. In this highly energetic, customized program, Dr. Bright explores how criticism is linked to:

  • Motivation.
  • Increased performance.
  • Better-quality relationships, both on and off the job.


Handling Stress and Performing Under Pressure

Stress is a given in today's competitive world, but a singularly successful way to channel stress positively is with Dr. Deborah Bright's Creative Relaxation program. In the twenty years since Deborah Bright began her work in this field, she has become a leading researcher, best-selling author, and expert on the subject. Creative Relaxation: Turning Your Stress into Positive Energy, her revolutionary and enjoyable program, offers a series of practical and easily implemented skills that have been individually tailored for use by major national and international organizations.

Dr. Deborah Bright has also developed the Creative Relaxation Personal Quiet Time ?Sunset at Sea? CD, a guided experience in how to completely and luxuriously relax and refresh oneself in just 20 minutes to restore your body?s energies that have been drained by all of the daily pressures and come away feeling refreshed and alert. Many people have learned to associate the ?Personal Quiet Time Experience? as a kind of mental, as well as, physical reset that allows you to calmly restore your energy reserves.


Strategies for Enhancing Performance

In today's environment, where there is too much to do and too little time to complete everything, success lies in how we react to daily pressures and uncomfortable situations?both in and out of the workplace. With that goal in mind, Dr. Deborah Bright was the brainchild behind the national, seven-year Strategies for Enhancing Performance Study. The study?s objective was to identify and equip everyday working people with proven tools, or Performance Control Practices, designed to enable them to perform at their best ? even during times of high stress. The tools identified from the Strategies for Enhancing Performance Study are today?s best practices in the work place.

The first phase of the study consisted of surveying over 1,000 working people in the Northeast for the purpose of identifying the most effective Performance Control Practices (behavioral and cognitive skills) used on a frequent basis to enhance performance while simultaneously mitigating the negative effects of stress.

Once the survey was completed, the second phase of the study unfolded where 320 working people participated in an experimental/control design study. Participants came from a variety of businesses, ranging from mainly the financial and healthcare industries. Experimental group participants engaged in a learning experience where the 10 most effective Performance Control Practices identified from the initial phase of the study were incorporated into a highly interactive learning design.

The results were truly impressive given the fact that the experimental group attended only a four-hour traditional classroom training program followed by one 30-minute coaching session by phone. Of the 115 participants who completed all aspects of the program, comparisons of the experimental to the control group showed significant differences in a number of areas, including:

  • Improvement in their job satisfaction.
  • Improvement in their job performance.
  • Ability to rebound effectively from setbacks and disappointments.
  • Being more effective at the giving and receiving of criticism.
  • Leaving ?work problems? at the office.
  • Greater ability to more effectively deal with changing priorities and tight deadlines.

Dr. Bright uses the same learning model to teach these skills in her Strategies for Enhancing Performance Program, which she travels the country presenting to various organizations, departments, and teams. The Strategies for Enhancing Performance Program is also available as a ?train-the trainer? opportunity.


Going Beyond Accomplishing: Pro-Achieving

Designed around her book, On the Edge and In Control: A Proven 8-Step Program for Taking Charge of Your Life, Deb goes behind the scenes to identify the ingredients of outstanding performance. How can employees find new ways to motivate themselves from the inside out? Is having a positive attitude enough to guarantee one's job? Pro-Achieving is Dr. Bright's investigative term for the qualities that enable individuals to bring out the best in themselves both on and off the job. Her Pro-Achieving Seminars allow employees to gain a clear understanding of what it means to make a valuable difference in today's team-centered environments. Exposure to this program provides participants with a keen sense of alignment with the goals and expectations of company leadership, and better equips them to direct their energies efficiently.

According to Dr. Bright's research?which was conducted on a national basis in conjunction with the American Management Association?it takes three radical paradigm changes to become a Pro-Achiever:

  • Development of a Different Kind of Attitude;
  • Development of a Different Motivational System that Makes Control Operational;
  • Development of a Way of Thinking Appropriate for Team-Centered Environments.


Management and Leadership Development

Leading Others to Exceptional Performance in Today's Changing Business Environment

Intense, competitive pressure...the need to do more with less...the challenge of having to perform at high levels...that's today's Fast Lane business environment. Dr. Bright undertook an extensive two-and-a-half-year study that identified 16 management tools essential for today?s fast paced work environment. Findings from the study formed the foundation of her book, Gearing Up for the Fast Lane: New Tools for Management in a High-Tech World (Random House). Through tailored programs designed by Bright Enterprises, managers in organizations worldwide have learned to use the following tools?and more?effectively:

  • Identifying and clarifying expectations;
  • Instilling confidence, commitment, and pride;
  • Managing events



Deb has been designing programs on coaching for a number of years. Whether a manager in sales, manufacturing, marketing, or wherever, it is essential that managers tap into the talents of their people not only to develop them, but to ensure they achieve consistent results. Coaching, as Deb presents it, is not an academic exercise, rather, great quality coaching is action-oriented. It?s not instinctual nor can a leader rely on simple common sense. Coaching is a unique partnership that gets established between managers and their team players where everyone is pulling together to get consistent results, while building and fine-tuning skills and tapping into individual potential.



Building Exceptional Teams

As technology made its way into the business environment during the last decade, it became apparent that "no department is an island." Teamwork has since become a key operational tool. Successful teamwork within an organization requires that employees shift from an individual mindset to think and operate as part of a high-functioning team. Dr. Bright's successful program helps make that shift possible and demonstrates the many rewards of operating efficiently in conjunction with others.

High-Functioning Mindset Tools include:

  • How to focus simultaneously on the "MICRO" and "MACRO" pictures.
  • Establishing matched expectations among team members.
  • Team rules of etiquette.
  • The six maxims of interdependent team thought.

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